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Underwater Birth – Giving Birth In the Water

For many parents around the world, giving birth in the water is still the main choice, but there are some people who interests with this delivery method, underwater birth, because of the many benefits for both mother and child.

The Concept of Water Birth

Underwater birth may have recently gained popularity, but this idea is not new. To begin the birth, the mother was placed in the tub with warm water. Infants guarded by a special underwater devices. The mother remains in the bathtub while and he can choose whether you like or submerged ones outside of the tub. If the baby is submerged when it exits, it is completely safe for the baby to breathe in the air until they are exposed to air. Officers quickly took the baby out of the water and gave it to the mother. This process should always be supervised by trained medical staff and should not be attempted alone.

Although it is usual, many nurses and health practitioners say bore water has many advantages. Mom was not too stressed or anxious because the water will soften muscles and less pain because the water stimulates the natural pain inhibitors of the body. Water also buoyancy that mothers easier to change the position and also makes privacy for many mothers. Water is also an environment similar to the uterine environment in infants and prevent stimulation birth. Many obstetricians, gynecologists and childbirth experts say that water birth can also minimize fetal complications.

If you choose to give birth to your baby through the birth canal of the water, looking for the hospital or birth center birth center allows water and medical personnel trained in the process. It is also recommended that you check out the tub and the delivery of equipment before your birth, as well as give their prices. Renting a bath may be an option as well. If you are going to give birth in a nearby hospital, reviewing their policies on water birth.

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