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Lower Back Pain During Pregnancy Third Trimester Problem

Lower back pain during pregnancy is the phenomenon that usually experienced by the pregnant woman. During the gestation, a woman doesn’t just experience the morning sickness. This pain is also experienced. The other is like the labile temper will be an unpleasant moment during the gestation. Sometimes, talking to the woman in the gestation has to be very patient because she will be very easy to be angry and to be sad.

Lower Back Pain During Pregnancy

Causes Lower Back Pain During Pregnancy

What is the knowledge behind this pain? Some people think that the new hormone and the uterus are the two things that are responsible for this illness. Uterus reason can be right just if it affects the nerve in pressure. But the most reasonable cause is the baby’s weight you are carrying in the womb. This will be worse when the gestation is older and older. The joints in your body can have the stress during the older gestation.

lower back pain during pregnancy

Lower back pain during the first trimester is rarely happened. If it happens, the causes might be different. It may come from the activities you have during the day. The gestation itself might not play a role if you feel an illness in this time. Just flashback and remember the activities or the sleeping position you have in the night. The wrong position can also be the reason you feel an illness on your back.

Lower Back Pain during Pregnancy Types

The illness in the gestation is different from the other illness. There are two types of back illness that can happen on the woman in gestation. The first is posterior pelvic. This happens on the pelvic (back area). The second is the lumbar. It happens in the vertebrae of the lumbar. The area of this illness is in the lower back. Both the posterior pelvic illness and the lumbar illness won’t affect the baby in your womb.

lower back pain during first trimester

How to Heal Lower Back Pain During Pregnancy

If you face this illness, you can do the simple and easy steps to reduce your illness. First, ask your partner to give you gently massage. When doing this, you can also use the heat from the pack that can make your blood circulation good. You just need this step for 15 minutes to 20. The second is doing the especially exercise that is devoted for the woman in the gestation. Take the program in an especially gym place for just 20 minutes.

The step number three is sleep with pillows. You will need more pillows while sleeping. Place a pillow between your feet. Place the other behind the back and place one more under your stomach. It is better for you face the left side so the nutrition of the baby will be well delivered. The last is erasing your habit to sit down in the wrong position. The straight position will help you with the lower back pain during pregnancy third trimester. Just be happy with all the phase of gestation includes the lower back pain during pregnancy.

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