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What Not To Eat When Pregnant: Bring the List Everywhere

What not to eat when pregnant is the question that is usually raised from the new mothers to be. They are happy when knowing there is a baby in their wombs. Congratulation is mom! To confront this condition, women are too enthusiastic. A newborn baby will be a new member of the family. During the first three months of the gestation, women usually experience the morning sickness. This makes you hard to eat the good food for your baby. Oh no!

What Not To Eat When Pregnant

When You Lost Your Appetite

Because of you lost your appetite, your husband or your mother suggests you to eat something that you want. During the first three months of gestation, the mother usually just wants to eat the food that she wants. The food is sometimes bizarre and rare to find in the area where she lives. Time when you want it is also out of your mind. In the middle of the night where you usually sleep tight, suddenly you wake up and really want to eat ice cream.

However this questions maybe shocks you. How if the food that you want is not good for your baby? Should you consume it? Very big no is the answer. You might have a hard time during this time. You are hard to consume food, and the food that you really want is not good for your baby. That is what you have to sacrifice. Blotting out your ego to get the best for your angel.


Foods To Avoid During Pregnancy

First Cluster

Be careful in choosing the food for you. Not all that you really want has to be consumed. Most doctors believe that some kinds of food are not good for gestation. The first cluster of food that you have to avoid is sea food. They are tuna, tilefish, king mackerel, swordfish, and shark. Naturally these foods have the good substances like protein and omega-3 that are very good for gestation. However this food is high in methyl mercury too that is in sea water. The other foods that you have to avoid are the fish or meat that is not perfectly cooked, deli meats, unpasteurized products and alcohol.

For Special Condition

Besides those main foods, you have to be careful with the fruits too. The fruits are good, but the fruits that are unwashed well will be dangerous for you because they can bring the bacteria or a virus that can harm you. Moreover, for the mother with glucose problem. Women with this condition should meet the doctor to consult of what not to eat when pregnant with diabetes.

The condition forces you to always be aware of the food. Too much glucose is not good for both the baby and the mother. Woman in this condition usually has to experience the operation in giving birth to the baby because the baby is often oversized. When you are in this condition, you should be discipline with everything you consume. To solve it, you can consult to the doctor and bring the list of what not to eat when pregnant. Don’t forget to always avoid of what not to eat when pregnant for your best gestation.

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