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When Does Morning Sickness Start

When does morning sickness start in the course of pregnancy? This is one of the most fearful question a woman can think of when expecting to have a baby. It is actually another fear besides delivering a baby to this world. Accordingly, it happens in the early days of pregnancy. But facts show that it can happen anytime. Most often, whenever the person remembers that she is about to have her first child, it will not be a problem so hard to bear anymore.

How Soon Does Morning Sickness Start

What Causes Morning Sickness

When talking about morning sickness, we usually refer to its association on the arrival of the baby. It is true. The changes in the system of the mother’s body results in producing a particular hormone. The hormone is called hCG. This hormone is produced by the mother when she is in the early gestation. It is the reason behind the test pack that help identify a woman if she is in the course of pregnancy – in the early stages of gestation. The condition puts the mother in a situation that she has to face due to the changes brought about by the ‘newcomer’ in her body.

There are about 50% of pregnant women who experience nausea with actual vomiting. Only about 30% will feel nauseous but aren’t actually sick. Symptoms of nausea mainly includes some dry retching, heavy stomach or a queasy feeling.

Usually this will not last for a long time. When the mother’s body has settled with the change, she will likely lose the condition. For the next month, the hormone is also decreased signifying that the baby and the mother are now compatible with each other. Almost all mothers worldwide experience morning sickness in the course of their pregnancy. There are only few mothers that don’t experience morning sickness. They are the lucky mothers who won’t be having the added problem during early gestation.

When Does Morning Sickness Start During Pregnancy?

A woman can feel complete to becoming a full-pledged woman when experienced pregnancy and motherhood. Because of that, morning sickness shouldn’t something to be feared. But instead, the woman should expect it as something that would definitely happen as an indication that she is pregnant.

When a woman feels nauseous, she may consider testing for pregnancy by using a test pack to determine her situation. When pregnant, the woman will usually feel queasy and dizzy in about the 6th week or almost up to two months in the course of pregnancy – about 2 weeks of missing a period. It is the average rate especially for a woman who has a regular cycle of menstruation.

Image When Does Morning Sickness Start

What is a Severe Morning Sickness?

Symptoms of morning sickness naturally happens in pregnant women which can be really unpleasant but definitely manageable. But there are some instances where it can be really severe and excessive, leaving the person unable to take in foods or drinks. It could happen when hormones levels becomes higher like in cases of having twins.

A severe form of morning sickness is referred as Hyperemesis Gravidarum which will require medical help for further treatment and medication.

Does The Start of Morning Sickness Vary Among Women?

How soon does morning sickness start among pregnant women? The feeling of being ‘dizzy’ and ‘queasy’ does not always start at exactly week 6 of the gestation. It can happen even when the pregnancy is in its 4th week. Some other women may also experience the opposite. They can only start feeling its presence for already more than 6 weeks. The time for morning sickness to happen can be any time throughout the day. But usually, the woman will feel it the most in the morning when she just got up from bed.

If you haven’t had any signs of morning sickness, it shouldn’t automatically be a reason to be worried. All pregnancies are certainly different and it doesn’t immediately mean something is wrong.

Several things can also trigger a woman to feel dizzy and queasy. For example, when she smells something bad, the condition may take place, or when she eats something that is rejected by her body, it can be very discomforting. It can be a totally different experience compared to what she is used to experience at a non-pregnant state. Eating ice cream may have been normally a very delicious endeavor but then, when got pregnant, she may feel totally the opposite. Women can be different in their experiences during the course of pregnancy, and so does is the onset of morning sickness. So when does morning sickness start? It could be sooner or later.

How Soon Does Morning Sickness Start

How Long Will Morning Sickness Last?

Morning sickness usually stops by the end of the first trimester. But there are a lot of situations where nausea has been observed to subside (along with their appetite returning to what it is used to be) in only about 12-15 weeks. There are still some unlucky individuals who may continually experience morning sickness until the second trimester. Although rare, a person may occasionally experience the same throughout the entire pregnancy.

Home Remedies To Keep Vomiting At Bay During Pregnancy

1. Ginger
To put a stop to the onset of vomiting sensation, you may pop in a slice of ginger or opt for ginger tea
2. Ajwain or Carom Seeds
The strong smell and flavor present in carom seeds can be helpful in getting you over morning sickness
3. Fennel Seeds
Crush some fennel seeds in a blender and add this powder to a cup of boiling water. Cover and let the juice seep in well.Sip this tea slowly
4. A Glass of Lemon Juice
Having a glass of lemon juice has shown to provide immense feeling of relief from episodes of vomiting in pregnancy
5. Dried Lime
Dried lime in powdered form or when mixed with water is known to curb nausea
6. Citrus Fruits
Smelling or having slice of citrus fruits like orange or sweet lime can be helpful
7. Fragrances Like Lavender, Lemongrass
Always keep a satchel of dried herbs or spray some lemon, lemongrass or orange essential oil on your handkerchief and keep it handy

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