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Weight Gain During Pregnancy The Chart on Baby’s Growth

Weight gain during pregnancy is very important in the gestation. This can be used to measure the growth of the baby. Good baby growth is reflected the mother’s weight. Mother should eat the healthy food to make the nutrition balanced. It will help the mother, and the baby grow well. When mother eats good health food with the right nutrition, the weight indicates it. The constant progression shows if the mother already consumed the good and balanced nutrition.

Weight Gain During Pregnancy

The Calories a Mother Needs

To make sure that the baby absorb the right amount of nutrition, mother has to reveal the calories should she consume every day. In the gestation, the mother doesn’t eat for herself. She eats to fill the nutrition needs of herself and also the baby. It means that a portion of food she consumes has to be different from when she is still “alone”. But, this doesn’t mean that she has to eat extraordinary portion. The calories that a mother needs during gestation are 300 more than when she is not pregnant.

To know the progression, it is better for a mother to have a pair or scales in her own home. It will make her easier to record the growth from one month to another. Visiting your personal obstetrician once each month and will be more often when she reach more than 6 months of gestation. When she is, about to deliver the baby (9 months) she has to gain the total increased for 25 pounds to 35. This is for the average women.

Pregnancy Weight Gain Chart


The Ideal Increase: Normal Weight Gain During Pregnancy

The very thin women have to increase the weight for 28 pounds to 40 in 9 months of gestation. And for the women with obesity, the weight that is should be gained is from 15 pounds to 25. Those are the ideal increase for several types of women during the gestation. But there is one more different ideal increase in gestation. It is when a mother is pregnant with twin babies. Because the babies in the womb are two, she has to increase for about 35 pounds to 45.

Pregnancy Weight Gain By Week

pregnancy weight gain by week

Weight Gain during the Pregnancy in Early Three Months

The problem is, the early gestation sometimes makes the mother is difficult to eat the healthy food. Generally, weight gain during the first semester is 2 pounds to 4. But the problem of the early gestation or we call it morning sickness makes this seems so hard to reach. The common mothers experience this. But several mothers might experience the acute morning sickness. To deal with this problem, they have to consult it to the obstetrician and consume some tablets of medicine to reduce the uncomfortable feeling.

One thing that has to be noted when the doctor says that a mother should increase the weight is that forget the slimming program. A woman thing usually deals with the body. Increase this doesn’t mean she will be a fat woman. In case she is in the important growth of the baby, she has to make the baby’s health number one. To control the progression, the obstetrician usually gives you the weight gain during pregnancy chart. This will remind you to always eat the good food to have the ideal weight gain during pregnancy for your smiling and healthy baby.

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