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Morning Sickness Symptoms: The Remedies To Heal

Morning sickness symptoms are the signs that are waited by women in this world. When they come to a woman, it means that she is about to have a baby. This is not the only sign of the pregnancy. You should notice your menstrual period too. If the menstrual period is different from the normal condition and you have the symptoms, you can go on to test the HCG in your urine by using the stripe test.

You can use the HCG test before the symptoms come. When your menstrual period is late, you can test it, and you can prepare your pregnancy earlier. When do morning sickness symptoms start? The fastest arrival of this disease is the several weeks after conception. The very late time can be more than that. The changes in your body will soon appear. The very common which comes early is dizziness.

Morning Sickness Symptoms

The Body Changes

The classic signs of pregnancy appear in the body’s changes. First is the change in your breasts. Your breasts will be sore, sensitive and tender. This is the result of the change over your hormone in the pregnancy. You also feel that your breasts are heavier than before. The next is the nausea. This is the sign that comes usually together with vomiting. But pregnant woman can experience the nausea without vomiting. It depends on the woman’s condition. The next is the sensitive feeling over the environment.

Some smells may disturb you. The smell is not always a bad one. The good one can also disturb you because of the sensitive condition. The smell will trigger the nausea feeling. The next change in your body is that the frequency of the urination that is suddenly increased. You will go to the toilet more frequent than before. The next is the fatigue feeling. If you are really active before, suddenly you feel that everything is not interesting.

morning sickness symptoms

Morning Sickness Remedies

How To Stop Morning Sickness

To solve the problem, you can follow the steps. The first step is avoiding the things that can trigger a feeling of nausea. It could be the specific smell. You can keep yourself away from the source of the smell.

Vitamin Cures For Morning Sickness

The step number two is consuming the food that is rich of vitamin B6.

What Helps Morning Sickness Become Worse

The step number three is stop eating the spicy food for a while. This can make your stomach worse.

Intake Remedies For Morning Sickness

The step number four is increasing the frequency of eating but reduce the portion. Eating a small portion can help you reduce the vomiting.

Morning Sickness Relief Methods

The step number five is providing the food nearby your bed. As mentioned before, the very acute symptom comes when you get up in the morning. To reduce it, you can start to eat right when you get up. It is better to have bread because it will reduce the acid in your stomach.

Natural Remedies For Morning Sickness

The step number six is drinking the ginger extract. The warming effect can throw away the air in your stomach. It is good to heal the symptoms by applying those morning sickness remedies. Your morning sickness symptoms will be reduced, and you will feel more comfortable.

Morning Sickness Medication

For a non-tolerable episodes of morning sickness, you may seek medical help for further treatment and medication.

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