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Can You Eat Shrimp, Calamari and Seafood When Pregnant

Can you eat shrimp when pregnant when you love it so much? During the pregnancy, women are afraid to consume the food that usually said to be dangerous by the issue. This can be your consideration in choosing the right food for you. The food becomes number one rather than the quantity or the amount of the food. Although sometimes to get the enough food, you have to consume the good food in a particular amount.

Eating Shrimp While Pregnant

Can You Eat Shrimp and the Other Seafood When Pregnant?

When talking about seafood, usually we refer to the high food. On the contrary, most sea food also carries the methyl mercury that is very dangerous. It makes this kind food belongs to the food that you have to be aware. You have to notice the word ‘aware’. This word doesn’t mean that you cannot shrimp at all. You can still eat prawn in the tolerated amount that is about 340 grams in a week. The amount is just for prawn but all the seafood in one week.

image Can you eat shrimp when pregnant

Eating Seafood While Pregnant

The Requirement When Eating Shrimp When Pregnant

Be happy for you who love prawn because you can still enjoy your favorite food though in a particular number. The amount is not the only thing you should notice about. There are two more things you have to know to eat this kind of food safely. The first is how the prawn is cooked. Ensure you eat the well-cooked one. Consuming the non-well-cooked prawn may cause your baby sick because it can carry the bacteria that is dangerous for the fetus.

To make this requirement is fulfilled, you can tell the cook in the restaurant that you are pregnant and have to consume healthy food. The second thing is the time of storage of the prawn. If the prawn is kept in the refrigerator for more than 12 hours, it is no longer good for you anymore. In that interval time, the bacteria can grow and harm your baby. For the normal people maybe it is not too dangerous. However in case you are in gestation, it could be endangering your lovely baby.

The Best Way to Eat Shrimp When Pregnant

Instead of go to the restaurant, it is better for you to buy the fresh prawn and cook it by yourself. You will be sure about the cooking process at once how long you keep the prawn. How about Mr. Squidward Tentacle? Can you eat calamari when pregnant? It is a kind of yummy food too that you have to be aware during gestation. You can still eat it but not in high amount. Two portions in a week will be safe for you.

Everything is about the portion and the way to cook the food. The well-cooked is the best for the mother during gestation. It is because, like has been mentioned above, to kill all the bacteria in the food that can harm your baby. However, there is a food that can cause miscarried. This food is forbidden for you. However when people ask can you eat crab when pregnant, the answer is no. But when people ask can you eat shrimp when pregnant, the answer is yes!

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