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What Does Morning Sickness Feel Like

What does morning sickness feels like in the pregnant woman? The symptoms as the signs of the pregnancy consist of some disturbances in the woman’s body. 90% of pregnant women experience this. It is very common in the early pregnancy. This is because a woman has to face the change in her body as the arrival of the newcomer” that is life in her womb. Usually in this time, woman’s health is decreased.

What Does Morning Sickness Feel Like

Intensity Morning Sickness

In this time, besides feel the signs of pregnancy, a woman is very easy to be attacked by the other disease. It is important for the woman in the early pregnancy to drink some supplement to help her keep the health. The signs of pregnancy itself can be in any time although the name of it says ‘morning’. It is true that the peak of it is in the morning, but it doesn’t mean she won’t feel it in the rest of the day. This can run all day long.

Because of the intensity that can be high, mom has to drink fluid to replace the water after vomiting. If the mom experience dehydration, this can be dangerous for both mom and the baby. Always provide the drinking water with high electrolyte to keep mom and baby fresh. The signs of pregnancy come around the 6 weeks. It can be ended in the twelve until sixteenth. That is the average time. But this could be different because every woman has a different problem. There is a pregnancy sign that runs for the whole time of pregnancy or 9 month full.

What Does Morning Sickness Feel Like

Common Symptoms

The common signs of pregnancy are dizzy, vomiting and nausea. Those are not typical. There is no different between the vomiting because of the other disease or vomiting because of pregnancy. The frequency might be different. When vomiting because of a particular disease just run until the disease is gone in around a week. On the contrary, the vomiting because of pregnancy will run longer. What does morning sickness look like? Because there is no typical characteristic, it can be said that this is like when a person is in the influenza.

How To Reduce Morning Sickness

Dizzy, nausea and vomiting are just the same with that of flu. It can be derived that when a woman feels this, she has to notice the menstrual period too. Just noticing the symptom can’t be the barometer that a woman is pregnant. A woman can have the acute one. To prevent or to solve this from getting bad, there are steps that can be followed. When a woman is in the early pregnancy, usually the saliva is produced in high amount. Mouthwash can help her thrown away the saliva.

Because a woman in this time is easy to get the fever, drinking ginger also can help. This can also help to make a woman’s mind calm so the symptom will be reduced significantly. Another thing is that consuming the supplement with vitamin b 6. The food with a lot of this vitamin can also beneficial for a woman in the pregnancy. Erase the bad imagination of those symptoms because if the question of what does morning sickness feel like and how does it last, the answer will be various. Just doesn’t worry about what does morning sickness feel like because it can be just like that of flu and short.

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