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What to Eat when Pregnant for the First Trimester

What to eat when pregnant or gestation has become an important issue for the woman. A woman who is pregnant for the second or third time might not be very confused of this thing. But for a woman who experiences the first pregnancy should pay attention for the dietary. It affects the growth of the baby in the womb. Of course, you have to consume the good and healthy food. But the term ‘healthy’ for gestation and the usual condition could be different.

Pregnancy Diet Plan For The First Trimester

Meeting the Doctor

During the gestation, you should ensure that the food you consume is enough for you and your baby. Pregnancy means you have to consume food not just for yourself like in the usual condition. You should consume more healthy food. The quantity is not so important, but the quality of the food is the most important for you. The nutrition like fats, carbohydrates, and protein has to be balanced. So, when the test pack turns to be positive, you should consume the food in a very wide variety not just consume burger and spaghetti as usual.

Image Eat When Pregnant Foods List

The first thing you have to do is meet the doctor. The doctor will check your blood tension, your hemoglobin, your weight and your pulse. This is to make sure that your condition is good to have a baby. Then the doctor will give you some suggestion in the food that you should consume and gives you prescription of vitamins. Besides consuming the vitamins from the doctor, you have to eat the good food and stop your bad habit like smoking or drinking alcohol.

Common Woman’s Fear

Being not beautiful anymore is like a nightmare for a woman. A woman who recognized her pregnancy often worries about the weight she may gain in this important time. However, to have a good baby with good growth in the womb, woman has to stop the unhealthy diet. For the early gestation, you need good nutrition because it is the gold time when the important organs like brain and heart are formed. You can follow the food combination of what to eat when pregnant first trimester.

Combination to Eat When Pregnant: First Trimester Diet

In a day, provide the grains like cereals or bread, for example bread, muffin, crackers or cereals. They are to be consumed in 6 up to 11 servings in a day.

  • For the fruit, you need 1 banana (or other fruit) or fruit in the can for 2 to 4 servings in a day.
  • Vegetables: a cup of vegetables about 3 to 5 servings in a day.
  • Fish, poultry or meat is about 170 grams to 200 grams a day.
  • Yoghurt, cheese, or milk: 225 grams of yoghurt, cheese is about 100 grams or a cup of milk with 4 times in a day.

The last are sweets and fats. You need those two things but not in a large amount. You have to limit those things because if you consume excessive of the substance, it can set you in trouble. The baby in your womb will gain a high weight. This can make you deliver your baby through surgery. To avoid this, you can bring what to eat when pregnant list with the tolerable amount in your purse. If you follow the food of what to eat when pregnant, you and your baby will be very healthy and happy.

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