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What Hormone and Food Causes Morning Sickness

What causes morning sickness actually? Almost all people may refer to the pregnancy as the main reason behind the disease. That is not false, but there is a specific reason behind experiencing the disease. The name itself is given because the disease comes in the morning. This is one of the history mistakes because the facts show that the disease comes whenever and wherever. The right name may be vomiting of the pregnancy.

The other term is nausea in the pregnancy. So the name of the traditional one doesn’t reflect the true phenomenon. But it is true that the acute one happens in the morning. The whole day the pregnant woman will still feel it but not as acute as in the beginning of the day. In the medical world, there has been a research on it. The disease actually is caused by substance in the human body. This substance is just produced when the human is in gestation.

What Causes Morning Sickness

Morning Sickness Causes From Inside

food that causes morning sicknessSo, what hormone causes morning sickness? A change in a woman’s body triggers the body to produce the substance. This is the HCG. This kind of substance is in a very high level when a woman is in the early pregnancy. This also becomes the reason for the medical world to create the pregnancy test by recognizing the amount of HCG in a woman’s body that comes out together with urine. The tool is called test pack and widely sold in the stores.

Estrogen is suspected to be involved when a woman experiences the beginning of the pregnancy. This substance is also produced in high level. A pregnant woman is very sensitive in this phase. There are several outside things that can trigger a woman to have vomiting and nausea. This could be different from when the woman is in the normal condition. The smell of delicious spaghetti sauces can disturb her although when she is not pregnant, the spaghetti is her favorite cuisine.

How Long Morning Sickness

But there is a kind of a pregnant woman who doesn’t feel this disease. The other women can experience the disease in the whole time of the pregnancy. For the average women, the vomiting and nausea are just last for about two or three months. During these months, women usually are hard to gain the weight. This is because they lost the appetite to eat. But after the third month, they can eat like usual again even more.

Pregnant women have to be aware of what they consume. It is because there is a kind of fruit that can trigger the disease. They are the acidic fruits. These fruits might fresh and can heal the disease for a moment. But in the next minutes, the disease will become worse.

The fruits are orange, lime, tomatoes, grape and many acidic fruits. They are the food causes morning sickness that women have to be careful in consuming. That is the answer towards what causes morning sickness.

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