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How Long Does Morning Sickness Last

How long does morning sickness last during the pregnancy might become your big question. A woman who experience this might be very happy at once hurt. She will be very happy because she is about welcoming the newborn. She feels so hurt because she might feel the hard vomiting. The unpleasant feeling comes every day. But just don’t worry because the vomiting and the nausea don’t hurt your baby in the womb.

How Long Does Morning Sickness Last

Morning Sickness Last and the Beginning

The vomiting, nausea and dizziness during pregnancy for average women started at six weeks of pregnancy. During this time, usually women can gain the proper weight of pregnant women. The unpleasant feeling make pregnant women lost the appetite. Once they can eat, the food has to come out because of vomiting. This time will the hardest time during the pregnancy. This can be solved by the medicine that is given from the doctor.

The natural remedies also can be a good choice to reduce the unpleasant feeling. There is milk to erase the hyperemesis or the morning sickness. By drinking this milk, mother could have two advantages. The first is the nutrition of the baby will be fulfilled; the second is the mother can reduce the nausea and vomiting. The other that can be used to heal is ginger. A cup of hot ginger can make the mother calm.

how long does morning sickness last in a day

When Does Morning Sickness End

How Long Does Morning Sickness Last For the Average Women?

For the common women, the vomiting, nausea and dizziness does not last for a long time. It will go away when the gestation is in the twelve weeks. How long does morning sickness last in a day? Because the phenomenon is not always in the morning, the answer will be no ending. When a pregnant woman gets up in the morning, she can directly feel it. But when she is in the night sleeping, she can suddenly wake up and experience this.


However, there is always an exception. There are typical women who will suffer from the hyperemesis for the whole months of gestation. On the contrary, there are women who do not experience this at all. The typicality is still unclear, so there has not been the exact feature of the women with long hyperemesis or the women with no hyperemesis. One that women can do is facing it because it is a natural thing on the pregnancy.

One more exception exists in the pregnancy. If a woman is in the double babies’ pregnancy, she has to go to an obstetrician more often. Then she needs more folic acid. She will need a milligram of folic acid each day. It is more than a single baby that just need 0.4. The worst part is the vomiting, dizziness and nausea could be much more horrible than the single one. But the time could be the same with a single one. To answer how long does morning sickness last with twins is the same with a single one. And to answer how long does morning sickness last is a whole day long.

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