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Lets Make a Baby: Mistakes to Avoid When Baby-Making

When you are trying to get yourself pregnant, knowing how to make a baby is not the only important thing to keep in mind. As you say“lets make a baby” to your partner, there are actually some common mistakes people keep doing and telling you, which are most likely the reasons why you have not get pregnant until now. Here are the how to make a baby tips with some common mistakes you absolutely have to avoid to succeed your pregnancy efforts!

Lets Make a Baby: What to Avoid

The chance is you don’t have enough sex to make a baby. It means when you say“lets make a baby”, you are not in the right time. People may tell you to “save” the sperm by cutting down on sex, but you are also most likely to miss the sex on your most fertile days. In fact, it is actually easy to miss your most fertile days if you limit your sex only when you think you are ovulating, since many women believe they are when in fact they are not. Thus, just go ahead. Have sex as frequent as you like, especially to the days before your ovulation.

However, on the other hand, having too much sex will hinder your pregnancy efforts. Having sex frequently itself doesn’t lower the quality of sperm to make a baby. But, when you say“lets make a baby” too often and your partner want it too, it can cause problems. For reproductive goals alone, having sex for multiple times in a day or even every day may cause “burnout”. Your partner and you may end up viewing sex only as a pre-ovulatory chore, which make both of you not interested in having sex when actually you are in your most fertile days.

It’s true that lying on your back will boost the chance to make a baby, but it doesn’t mean you must stick with the same missionary position every time you have sex. When you say “lets make a baby” you should make sure that your sex more fun. Don’t worry, since sperm always swims out and goes directly into your cervical mucus and to the fallopian tubes when your guy ejaculates. This way, mix things up and have more fun while you are trying how to make a baby girl or baby boy!

When both of you are still in the effort to become pregnant, many people always assume there is something wrong physically with you. It is especially true with men always assume they are fertile as long as fluids come out, no matter if there is sperm or not. Always avoid this thought and it is recommended for you to be assessed from the beginning. This way, you and your partner will know for sure and both of you will vigorously say “lets make a baby“.

Knowing when you ovulate is always a good way to help you to make a baby. However, it can be quite tricky. The textbook rule always says women ovulate 14 days after the first day of period. However, with cycle lengths may vary, ovulation does not always occur at the same time every month. If you are in tune with your body, it will be really easy for you to know that you’re ovulating. Alternatively, use an ovulation predictor kit for more accurate answer. So, lets make a baby !

Lets make a baby is always one thing a couple who is ready to have baby wants to do. If you have tried but the result is still negative, the chance is both of you do these common mistakes.

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