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Muslim Baby Names You Should Have in Your List

Are you a Muslim? If yes, usually Muslims will give your children the names of Islamic meanings. However, some parents think twice or maybe are afraid of giving Muslim baby names because of some reasons. One example is that there is an issue that people with Muslim names will have difficulty in blending with their society. It is real that this issue remains among us.

But do not worry about that. Giving your baby Muslim names with good meanings is something noble. It means that you believe in your religion and you give good hope for your new baby in the future as its name. There are some suggestions on Muslim baby names. You can name your baby with the best figure in Islam such as Muhammad, Aisha, and Ali. If you wish him to be handsome, just name him Yusuf, just like the prophet Yusuf.

There are also some Arabic baby names with meanings. For example Maha which means large eyes, Rafee meaning high, Janan that has meaning heart or soul, and Fahim that means clever, wise, and understanding. After all, throw your fear away and be proud to be a good Muslim. Give them Muslim baby names then!

Muslim baby names have something to do with the hope that your baby in the future will have the same conditions with the names’ philosophical meanings.

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