Tips to Clean Bottle Babies

Having a child is not easy and requires a variety of ways to take care of various needs. Keep baby from harm and protect health by cleaning baby bottles. It is important, whether you choose a cleaning baby bottles with cleaning machine or by hand? All that can be done but you have to have a basic way to clean baby bottles properly.

Cleaning Baby Bottles

Prepare hot water, soap and a good brush for bottles and pacifiers. It is always advisable to wash baby bottles after use, it is all to prevent caking of milk in a bottle or a foul smell that is difficult to remove, especially if you use a plastic baby bottles.

Do not let dirty old bottles. Begin cleaning by pouring the rest of the milk and rinse bottle with water. It will be easier to clean the bottle with warm water, not tap water. For mothers who want to do the cleaning bottle by hand, rinse with warm water dirty bottle and then, fill a large basin with warm water and soap bottles and pacifiers. This will speed up the cleaning process. Bottle brush using a brush that is not too hard to scrape off the plastic. After the brushing, rinse and dry soap bottles in the bottle rack.

Bottle Sterilization is recommended for infants with immune disorders. Pediatricians recommend sterilizing bottles for babies aged up to two months. Sterilization process is very simple. Just fill the water pan, put the bottles, nipples and other dining accessories then simmer for five minutes. After boiling, put the baby bottle and shake for a few minutes and finally dry with a dry towel and clean.

Sanitation for baby accessories are ways to prevent bacteria from causing harm your baby’s health. Maintain cleanliness of the things that you use to secure your child’s health and save money. Maybe the first time you do it will seem inconvenient but if you’re used it will not be a problem anymore.

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