Cough Medicine for Kids

When a child is coughing then it could interfere with nerves. In addition to interfere with the child’s condition that would make anyone who is nearby and involved care cannot sleep with a free and must be awakened at night.


You do not have to rely on medication from the pharmacy to cough. In fact, there are natural remedies cough medicine for kids that you can apply. Read on and learn what you can do to treat your child’s cough.

Best cough medicine for kids

Cough Medicine for Kids

Some ways to cure cough in children :

  • Onions

Onion for Cough Medicine

Onion is a natural remedy against cough. All you have to do is chop the onion and put it in a bowl. Put this bowl in your child’s room. Place the bowl away from the child’s bed, because the smell of garlic is very strong and can make your child uncomfortable. The principle is simple; onions will make your child’s cough is gone.


  • Olive Oil and Salt

Olive Oil for Cough Medicine

Take olive oil and salt. Heat the oil until the salt dissolves. After quite cold or warm state rub this mixture on your child’s chest. This is a great remedy for cough and mucus or work on a dry cough. You can apply when your child wakes up and before he slept.


  • Using the proper sleeping position

proper sleeping postition for Cough Medicine

Make sure that your child uses the proper sleeping position is by using a pillow and head slightly raised. You should check your baby every time then adjust to your sleeping position.


These are some of the best solution to cough and have been proven to work. You have to remember when it comes cough is that you need to act with patience and understanding your child’s health. For some cases, usually different types of cough then also different ways of treatment required by the child. We should not be arbitrary in making decisions, especially if the child is still very small and are not familiar with a variety of drugs.

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